Construction Accidents

If you have been injured working on a construction site then you may be entitled to compesnation

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Construction Site Accidents

Building Site Accidents

If you work on a construction site you are potentially at risk from a range of dangers related to the place in which you work and the job you do. Working with dangerous equipment, tools and machinery, being around and using hazardous materials or chemicals, and strains on your body from lifting heavy objects can all pose dangers to those that work in these environments. In addition, there are specific dangers of working at height, for example, working on scaffolding. There are risks of serious injury from tripping and falling from height, as well as risks of being struck by objects, such as tools or building materials, accidentally falling from above.

Longer-term injuries and conditions can also be suffered by construction workers, and may not be immediately visible or detected, such as from inhaling asbestos, repetitive strains caused by repeatedly undertaking a specific movement, or through vibrations from machinery operated without adequate protection or breaks.

Employers are vicariously responsible for the actions of their employees, therefore should you sustain an injury due to a fellow employee’s act of negligence, your employers liability insurance would deal with the claim submitted on your behalf.

Accidents on a building or construction site can occur due to the acts or negligence of other companies, contractors or their individual employees.  In such circumstances the claim can be submitted to a third party company and progressed against the relevant third parties liability insurance policy.

What should you do?

Due to the use of heavy machinery and other construction equipment, an accident on a construction site can result in serious consequences. Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer an accident on a construction site, for which you were not at fault then you could be entitled to compensation. 

It is important that you follow a few important steps if you are looking to claim compensation to help your case

  • Collect as much detail about what happened as possible.
  • Record any eye-witness accounts and talk to anyone who seen the incident.
  • Record exactly when the incident occurred.
  • Take the names and details of those involved.

All of this information can be used to help support and build a much stronger case for when it comes to filing for compensation.

Our personal injury solicitors have years of experience dealing with accident claims in the construction industry, we understand it can be a worrying time for families having to deal with a painful injury as well as a potential loss of earnings. We strive to make sure that you will receive the maximum amount of compensation available to you, to help you at this difficult point. Call one of our advisors today on 0800 009 3311 and we will be able to confirm whether you have the grounds to make a claim.

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