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Factory Workplace Accidents

If you work in a factory you are potentially at risk to dangers that could lead to an accident. Your employer has a duty of care, and is subject to regulations, to ensure the factory environment has the appropriate safety measures, equipment and staff training to keep you and your colleagues safe and free from danger.

Like in other workplaces, machinery, electrical equipment, and tools are a hazard should they be used incorrectly or if the equipment is faulty and appropriate safety procedures, barriers and clothing should always be available to you to use. Furthermore, factory environments are subject to some more specific risks and dangers such as slips caused by spills of substances such as water or grease, and trips from misplaced obstructions and equipment on the factory floor.

Suffered an Accident in the Factory?

We recognise that an accident in the workplace can be an extremely worrying time for you. Not only do you have to cope with your injuries, you may have to take time off work to recover.

Should you have an accident in a factory in which you work we recommend you collect as much information as you can about what happened, including details from any witnesses.

At Accident Helpline Scotland we understand the type of accidents that can occur in the factory environment, and our personal injury solicitors and advisors can help you pull together the detail of your experience.

If you have grounds for pursing a claim, we can advise and recommend you on how you might potentially achieve some compensation for your injuries, and any loss of earning you have suffered from having to take time off work as a consequence.

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