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If you have been involved in an industrial accident then you could be due compensation

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Industrial Accident Claim

Industrial Workplace Accidents

If you work in an industrial site or environment, such as in manufacturing, construction or the oil and gas sector, you will be aware that a number of specific dangers and hazards exist in your workplace. Employers have strict obligations to provide you a duty of care to ensure you can carry out your job in as safe as possible manner, and there are general and sector specific health and safety regulations they are required to enforce and maintain.

If you suffer an accident in an industrial location- whether hurt by tools or machinery in heavy industry, injured by falling materials on a construction site, or struck by moving vehicles or tripping over misplaced stock in a warehouse- you may have grounds for an industrial accident claim against your employers.

Involved in an Industrial Accident?

We understand that a workplace accident can be a traumatic experience, and depending on the severity of you injuries, it can be a really worrying time for you and your family.

We recommend that you collect as much information as you can about the particular circumstances of the accident, including any details from witnesses as to what happened.

At Accident Helpline Scotland we have personal injury solicitors and advisors who have a wide range of knowledge and experience dealing with accidents across a breadth of industrial sectors, and we can help you piece together the particulars of your specific accident. Having discussed your experience should we feel you have grounds for a claim, we can guide you through the process of potentially gaining some compensation for your injuries, and any loss of earnings you may have suffered as a consequence.

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