Office Accidents

If you have suffered an injury due to an accident in the office then you may be able to make a claim

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Accidents in the Office

Office Workplace Safety

While the office environment might not have the same immediately apparent or severe dangers of other work places, such as construction sites or factories, there still are a number of accidents and injuries that occur in offices that justify compensations claims.

Longer term problems and conditions such as back pains and repetitive strain injuries can result from poorly designed or set up work stations, including desks, chairs and computer equipment. While slips and trips that can cause sprains or other more serious injuries can be a result of trailing cables, damaged or loose flooring or steps, objects left in inappropriate locations, or spills and breakages that have not been properly dealt with.

Other potential hazards in the office include electric shocks from faulty equipment, carbon monoxide poisoning from broken gas heating boilers, and strains from lifting objects inappropriately as a result of inadequate guidance or training.

Suffered an Accident in the Office?

Like any other workplace, employers in an office have a duty of care to employees when working and undertaking required tasks in their jobs, and can be liable to meet a compensation claim should they neglect these obligations.

We are aware that you may not think that an injury sustained in an office entitles you to an accident compensation claim, but at Accident Helpline Scotland we have personal injury solicitors who are well aware of the whole range of accidents and incidents that can occur in the office environment, from minor to major issues.

Should we think your experience could potentially merit a claim, we can guide you through the process of seeking compensation for your injuries and any loss of earnings you might have incurred as a result.

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