Car Accidents in the Ice or Snow

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Icy Road Accidents

Accidents in the ice or snow

Environmental factors are one of the main underlying causes of car accidents, as snow and ice can create particularly treacherous driving conditions for road users. Even experienced drivers can be caught out by the dangers of snow and ice, where vehicles are much more prone to skidding on the slippery conditions, braking distances being much greater, and visibility often impaired.

Drivers have the responsibility to take extra care when driving in snow and ice, including ensuring they adequately clear their windscreens and lights before starting a journey, staying well back from vehicles in front as braking distances are much greater, using a high gear on icy roads to improve traction and control, and accelerating and braking gently at all times.    

How we can help with your claim

If you have been involved in an accident in which another driver lost control of their vehicle in such conditions, and which could be attributed to them not taking these necessary safety precautions, then you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries or damage to your vehicle incurred.

At Accident Helpline Scotland we recognise that such accidents as a result of snowy or icy conditions can affect you at a time of year in which you are likely to depend on your car most. We will be able to offer you expert advice on accidents that occur during such weather conditions and help process any personal injury claims.  

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