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Cycling Accidents

Cycling Crashes and Accidents

Cyclists are a group of road users that can be particularly vulnerable to injury should they be involved in a collision with other road vehicles such as cars or HGVs.

With an increasing popularity and numbers of people choosing to cycle as a means of mobility over other forms of transport, accidents involving cyclists are increasingly prevalent.

At Accident Helpline Scotland we are aware of the dangers cyclists can face when cycling on the road, and can provide tailored advice and help you should you be involved in a road traffic accident.

Cycle Accident Compensation

As a cyclist you may be involved an accident, and suffer an injury or damage to your bicycle, as the result of several different causes. These include a collision with a vehicle, including hit and run incidents where the motorist involved does not stop at the scene, or as a consequence of other factors such as potholes or uneven surfaces on poorly maintained roads.

Should you, as a cyclist, be involved in an accident and suffer an injury from one of these causes you have the same rights as other road users and may be maybe entitled to compensation for your injuries and to cover time. You might have need to take off work to recover from your injuries, repair or replace your bicycle, or other financial assistance. Our personal injury solicitors have specialist experience in dealing with cyclists, and are able to advise and guide you on the best way forward should you consider making a claim for compensation for your injuries, and hopefully help you get back on your bike as soon as possible after your accident. 

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