Tripped on Snow or Ice?

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Tripped on Snow or Ice?

Injured after Tripping in the Snow or Ice?

Snow and ice can make paths and other surfaces treacherous during the colder months, making them particularly difficult and dangerous to walk on, injuries as the result of slips or trips in such conditions are very common. Employers, as part of their duty of care to visitors and their employees, are required to keep areas such as paths, car parks, work yards and access points in a suitable condition so that they can be used safely. This means that in snowy and icy conditions they have to make an appropriate effort to clear or grit these areas. If they do not, and you suffer an injury as the consequence of a slip in the ice or snow then you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

Aside from your place of employment, other areas where you might suffer a slip or trip as a result of improperly managed snow or ice include public transport stations, supermarkets, schools, car parks, hospitals and leisure centres- incidents in these locations might make you eligible to make a claim.


Claiming for a Slip or Trip on Ice or Snow

As with other slip and trip accident claims incidents, in order to be eligible for compensation, then someone else must be at fault or has be negligent and you must have been injured as a consequence. You should seek medical advice on your injuries, and try to gather any evidence about the accident, such as a photograph of the site- remember that snow and ice can thaw out quickly, so the evidence can disappear in a short period.

At Accident Helpline Scotland we have advisors and personal injury solicitors who are available to help you, talk you through your experience, answer your questions, and guide you through the compensation claim process should you have grounds to do so. 

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